Texas Federal Espionage Attorney

Texas Federal Espionage Attorney

Federal Espionage Charges are serious offenses categorized by 18 USC 37. Very generally, espionage consists in the collection of protected information from the US government and the illegal dissemination or attempted dissemination to other entities (usually foreign entities.) In addition to espionage charges being a possibility for intentionally disseminating classified information, one may be charged with espionage for negligent behavior as well. As such, a person could be charged with federal espionage without even realizing they were engaging in illicit behavior.

While historically espionage charges has been primarily limited to politicians and military persons, the current global situation is such that espionage charges are becoming more common regarding civilian contractors as well.

Aspects of Federal Espionage

The United States espionage statues are quite broad, but some central components include:

  • Harboring individuals who one believes is going to commit an espionage offense
  • Collecting, transferring, or losing sensitive, i.e. classified information [information being broadly defined as any protected assets of the US government.]
  • Photographing, drawing, etc. of such assets – including physical objects such as installations.
  • Even if one’s self has legal access to the information, sharing or “disclosing” such information

The consequences for an espionage conviction can be extremely serious ‐ if one is a member of the military the sentence can be death. Even for a civilian the sentencing is among the hardest. It’s also important to note that while there are statute of limitations on many federal crimes, espionage can be charged for up to ten years and potentially even more. For these reasons if you or someone you know are being investigated or charged with espionage, it is very important to hire an experienced federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Carl Haggard has over 30 years of experience and a verifiable winning record. It is absolutely free to call and discuss your case.

Texas Federal Espionage Attorney

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