Federal Investigations

Federal Investigations

“Investigations” means two things to federal criminal trial lawyer Carl Haggard in the context of federal criminal law. It means both an investigation of a federal crime being conducted by a United States federal agency against a suspected person and also the hiring of a Defense Investigator by an accused person to defend against a government investigation or prosecution of a crime under federal law.

Either way, it can be crucial and determinative of the outcome to have an aggressive and powerful lawyer behind you with your own private Defense Investigator assisting him at the earliest possible time in a federal investigation or prosecution in appropriate cases.

In both cases, Carl Haggard believes in taking action early in a federal investigation of an alleged federal law violation or at the outset of the preparing the defense to a federal crime prosecution to help gather evidence, preserve evidence and also to secure witnesses favorable to the accused person.

There are alternatives to hiring a Defense Investigator. Federal criminal trial lawyer Carl Haggard will discuss those alternatives with you and we can tailor an appropriate investigative response to the government’s actions. The first choice must always be to use a specialized Defense Investigator as necessary, but there are other alternatives.

Criminal defense attorney Carl Haggard often try sophisticated, complicated and complex cases without the use of a Defense Investigator (or even a specialized Defense Expert). As indicated, it is not our first choice to be without such assistance in a serious and involved case, but all alternatives will be evaluated and discussed with you.

Whatever your financial condition is to hire Defense Investigators or Experts, Carl Haggard will bring four decades of experience to the table to develop your defensive strategies. Alone with you at the table in the courtroom, pounding on the government’s investigators and witnesses, or surrounded by Defense Investigators and Expert Witnesses, Carl Haggard defines the term “Counsel for the Defendant”.