Federal Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Federal Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Federal embezzlement [18.U.S. Code Chapter 13] is a serious criminal offense that consists of taking money or other goods / services that one does not own but was trusted to hold or manage, i.e. the person was legally able to access the property. Embezzlement often involves a place of work and can range from a small amount of money or office supplies to large bank transfers. Even if one intends to pay back what is taken, if taken without explicit permission one can be charged with embezzlement.

While embezzlement can be charged as both a misdemeanor offense or felony and can be charged at the state level, Federal Embezzlement typically consists of the allegation of unlawful taking of entrusted government property. Falling under this category would be property owned by a private company but was paid for, e.g. thought a contract, by the federal government.

Penalties for Federal Embezzlement

Embezzlement laws are categorized in terms of type of properties and amounts allegedly taken, but consequences for an embezzlement conviction can be very steep, including large fines and incarceration. Even just embezzling an amount equal to $1000 from the government can result in a fine of $250,000 and up to ten years in federal penitentiary.

If you have been charged with federal embezzlement you need a defense attorney that has experience in federal court. Defense lawyer Carl D. Haggard is licensed to practice in all Texas federal district courts as well as throughout the United States and all her territories. Carl is an ex-chief district prosecutor with over 30 years of experience and a verifiable winning record. Upon contact Carl will immediately go to work for you to provide you the best defense possible. Do not hesitate to call 832-328-0600 or email today for a free confidential consultation regarding your case.

Federal Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

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