Federal Legal Defense Support Team

Federal Legal Defense Support Team

The main personnel who assist Carl Haggard in the efficient handling of your federal legal defense are his secretary, case manager, paralegal and clerk. But other behind-the-scenes individuals, such as our private investigators, forensics experts, our clerk / runner, office manager and bookkeeper, also play important roles in seeing that

  • Your case is handled smoothly and efficiently
  • No mistakes are made and important details are not overlooked
  • You are kept well-informed of progress
  • Your questions are answered


Nancy Case ManagerNancy is Mr. Haggard’s paralegal and case manager. She is a two-time valedictorian and a Rice University graduate who speaks four languages. She loves working in Criminal Defense and helping HLF attorneys obtain justice for those who have been victimized by a system that “favors the prosecution rather than the defense and which treats those accused of a crime as guilty until proven innocent”. She has a real heart for the underdog in the system. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the violin. She has been with The Haggard Law Firm since 1991.


Andrea Office ReceptionistAndrea is Mr. Haggard’s secretary and office receptionist. She gives careful attention to many of the details of your case that will fall to her responsibility. Andrea is usually the one you will speak with first when you call or come to our office. She also handles many administrative matters, such as correspondence and scheduling. Andrea is bilingual in Spanish and works closely with our Hispanic clients who do not speak English or who prefer Spanish. Andrea has been with The Haggard Law Firm since 1998.


Maryann ClerkMaryAnna works as a clerk and does many of the filings and general legal office duties. She started out as a high school student and has been with us since 2007.

Private Investigators & Forensics Experts

Our federal defense legal team utilizes the services of professional and experienced private investigators who are former police officers as well as forensics experts who are experts in their fields. Further information regarding our PI’s and experts is available to retained clients.

Office Manager

Federal Defense BookkeeperThe office manager oversees the efficient functioning of both offices and has authority to assist with many questions/problems when the attorney is unavailable.


The bookkeeper assists with client billing.

Federal Defense Team

“We Fight The Feds!”