Texas Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

Texas Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

A federal counterfeiting charge [18 U.S. 25] may arise under the allegation that a phony good or service has been created and attempted to be used as if real. A common form of counterfeiting is counterfeit money, where fake currency has been created and passed off as if the real thing. Increasingly common are counterfeit goods, e.g. fake name brand items. In almost all cases a counterfeiting charge will be considered a felony and will be prosecuted by the Federal Government as a Federal crime.

Because counterfeiting is directly related to the integrity and trust in the government, consequences for a federal counterfeiting charge can be very serious, including:

  • Federal Counterfeiting of US securities can result in up to a $250,000 fine and 20 years in prison.
  • Federal Counterfeiting of foreign securities up to 25 or more years in prison.
  • Counterfeiting goods, such as fake name brands, can result in consequences similar to the above.

It is also a federal offense to be in possession of tools that are used to create counterfeit currency, such as certain types of printing plates and ink [18 U.S. 25 § 474a]. With the emergence of the digital-age, it can also be a federal offense to create digital representation of currencies with the intent to use such representations.

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