Texas Federal Corruption Defense Attorney

Texas Federal Corruption Defense Attorney

Federal Corruption [18 U.S. Code § 201], or “public corruption”, is among the most serious offenses prosecuted by the Federal government. Federal corruption charges are brought when there is an allegation that an individual, usually a public servant or other person acting under official duties, has either offered, promised, or requested a bribe. Bribes need not be purely monetary, but may be any object of value. While corruption may be thought to be an act of influencing an individual to act otherwise than they would have, one can be charged with corruption even if one was going to perform the action independently of the alleged bribe. Corruption may include committing or aiding in fraud, establishing the opportunity for fraud, or even omitting to perform one’s duty as a result of influence.

Often federal corruption charges are compounded with other charges, such as bribery While corruption may be charged at the misdemeanor and state level, a federal corruption conviction results in very heavy consequences, which may include:

  • Long mandatory minimum prison sentences (sometimes exceeding decades)
  • Stiff fines and penalties
  • Loss of ability to hold public office
  • Loss of many employment opportunities

Retaining an Experienced Federal Defense Attorney

Texas Federal AttorneyIn light of the seriousness and complexity of a Federal Corruption charge, if you are being charged with corruption or even believe you are being investigated for federal corruption, you need an experienced federal defense lawyer by your side fighting for you. Carl D. Haggard is located in Houston, Texas and is licensed to defend federal cases in all Texas districts as well throughout the Unitied States and all of her territories. Carl is an Ex-District Chief Prosecutor with over three decades of experience and has a verifiable winning record.

Call Carl Haggard at 832.328.0600 or email for a free confidential consultation regarding your federal corruption case and he will begin work immediately to provide the best defense possible.

Federal Corruption Defense Lawyer

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