Texas Federal Blackmail Defense Attorney

Texas Federal Blackmail Defense Attorney

What is Federal Blackmail?

Federal Blackmail (often thought of as a “white collar” offense) consists of a threat to a person to meet certain demands or face negative consequences. Often the demands are financial in nature, which could include both money as well as goods and services.

Examples of blackmail threats might be:

  • Threat to reveal private information unless money is paid
  • Reveal information that would have negative financial consequences
  • Falsely accuse a person of a crime
  • Report involvement of a crime

Generally, blackmail is considered a felony. While blackmail is sometimes charged at the state level, a federal blackmail charge is the most serious blackmail related charge. The result of such a charge could be lengthy prison sentence as well as very large fines, including restitution to the victim. As well, a conviction can have serious consequences in regards to obtaining credit, background checks, and gainful employment. While one might think that because blackmail is considered “white collar” crime that the consequences of a conviction are not serious, but a federal blackmail conviction can result in irrevocable life changing consequences.

One may be charged with blackmail even if the aggrieved party is not a member of state or federal government. For example, federal blackmail charges can be brought in situations where political influence is involved and when interstate communications are employed, e.g. the internet, phone, mail.

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