Texas Federal Attorney Fees & Expenses

Texas Federal Attorney Fees & Expenses

Federal Defense Fees

For Federal Criminal Cases

Attorney Fees & Expenses for Federal Criminal Cases can be expensive. Because of the vast differences that exist between one federal case and another, it is impossible to establish and publish a “standard fee” for federal criminal defense attorney fees and expenses.

However, clients who are facing a federal criminal investigation or prosecution need to have a professional quote for legal services and what to expect by way of expenses. This page is intended to help you understand the process and to assure you that, after consultation, a complete attorney fee for representation will be quoted and expenses reasonably estimated by federal criminal defense attorney Carl Haggard.

Attorney Fee Confidential Consultation

Free Without Fee or Obligation

As the Home Office of Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Haggard is in Houston, Texas, we will be able to quote the most reasonable Attorney Fee for representation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, which is in Houston. Mr. Haggard will also represent clients in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, and the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas for similar reasonable fees. Attorney Fees for representation outside of Texas will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

As an outstanding National Federal Criminal Defense Firm, we will evaluate your case facts and the legal issues involved, the location of where the investigation or federal criminal prosecution will be conducted, whether there are other individuals or companies involved and their relationship to the investigation or prosecution, and other similar factors. This process of the Initial Consultation is free of charge and without obligation on your part. One of Carl Haggard’s Legal Assistants or Case Managers will take your initial information – like a nurse in your doctor’s office who takes a patient history before seeing the doctor. This is usually followed by a personal one-on-one consultation with Mr. Haggard, either in person or by telephone or video conference call.

Expense Consultation

Federal Defense Expense BudgetBudgeting for a Federal Criminal Case

The costs and expenses involved with the defense of a federal criminal case are, as one would expect, driven by the type of case and the location of the federal criminal investigation or prosecution. The following links provide information regarding Federal criminal defense expenses such as a Defense Investigator and Defense Experts.

Travel Expenses constitute the greatest part of extraordinary expenses and Carl Haggard does all he can to mitigate such costs by traveling coach on airlines and obtaining lodging at a reasonable rate – all of which will be discussed with the client and become part of the Attorney Fee Contract. We do not recommend that a client enter into an “open ended” expense contract for representation in the defense of a federal criminal investigation or prosecution that gives lead counsel unlimited power to run up endless costs and expenses.

Other extraordinary costs and expenses might entail, for instance, a case involving an unusually large volume of documents, papers or exhibits. In such cases, the hiring of temporary staff by our firm may be required. The use of dedicated personnel within the client’s organization is also explored with a view always to keep costs and expenses as low as possible consistent with mission goals of the federal criminal defense.

Many United States District Courts have “Local Rules” requiring the association of Local Counsel within that Judicial District in order to maintain a liaison with the Court and the Assistant United States Attorney in Charge of the investigation or prosecution.

Federal crimes trial lawyer Carl Haggard is experienced and knowledgeable in arriving at estimate of costs and expenses and rely upon the good sense of a potential client to help arrive at that estimate.

Once an estimate of travel and extraordinary expenses has been arrived at, a “Cost Deposit” is made into an Attorney Trust Account at the beginning of the representation and is kept separate for those purposes. Any funds not expended will be returned to the client at the conclusion of the representation. The client is responsible for replenishing the Cost Deposit account if necessary.

The goal is to provide the best possible representation within the budget of the client and to keep costs and expenses at a minimum. Carl Haggard will provide the best federal criminal defense effort possible for your case. We have never experienced an issue with providing our clients with full disclosure and an honest estimates of costs and expenses. A simple check of the Texas State Bar on disciplinary grievances against federal criminal defense attorney Carl Haggard will confirm that he is free of any grievances whatsoever. Carl is an experienced federal trial lawyer with integrity who is ready to aggressively defend you against federal charges.